2 Lomar Park
Pepperell, MA 01463
(978) 433-9052

Email: faithsupernatural@gmail.com


Are you curious as to what exactly does go on at FSSM? Or perhaps you are considering applying for the Fall and want to get a sneak peak as to what to expect? Then visiting FSSM might be the answer to all your questions.

Here are the guidelines to visit FSSM:

  • Fill out the visitor request form below at least 1 week prior to your requested visiting date
  • An individual can visit a maximum of 2 times
  • FSSM First Year visits only (no visitors allowed in Second Year)
  • Cost is $25 per person or $35 per married couple

Once a visitor’s requested date to visit is approved, we expect our visitors to arrive no later than 5:45PM on the given Wednesday night of class they are visiting. Class promptly starts at 6PM and we will need to check in, settle any payments, and give name tags to all visitors prior to the start of class.

We do reserve the right refuse visitors on any particular class night, as some classes may be “out of the ordinary” and will be blocked out from having visitors. All staff will need to approve any visitors.