These testimonies were gathered from our former school students of Faith School of Supernatural Ministry that was a 9 month long program that ran from 2013-2018.

"It was worth everything it cost. It was valuable in the molding of my character and changing old mindsets. In places I didn't realize I had taken for granted and settled into, I now have a new perspective."

"Small Group: The close-nit, intimate, life-changing relationships I gained from that group would have never happened without the structured group time."

"Never give up. Don't doubt God's love or goodness . Don't feed the lies but feed the truth of God. Never stop growing, believing or being teachable. Always keep your love on."

“The greatest lessoned I learned was my identity, value, and power in Christ. I let go of lies I was believing about myself - realizing more of my true identify and how God sees me and feels about me. I enjoy more freedom to be ME.I am His favorite! Rest is being, not doing. And I am not a sinner struggling with my flesh. His love doesn’t quit. He is easy to connect with; that where ever I go and what ever I do, I make a difference because I bring the kingdom with me.”