Course Based curriculum

LIFE Schools courses strive to cover a range of foundational topics geared to help strengthen and develop believers in their true identity, in understanding and living out kingdom culture, and in cultivating a supernatural lifestyle; and covers topics such as vision, transforming culture, honor, stewardship, leadership, and more!

The course being offered for the Fall of 2019 is Discovering Your True Identity: Knowing Who’s You Are And Who You Really Are.


Class meets Tuesday nights at FWC from 6:00PM to 9:00PM.  There is also one Outreach a month, which is usually held on the first Saturday of each month for a few hours offsite. 

Nightly Schedule

A typical class night looks like the schedule below, however, this is typical and not necessarily every class:

  • WORSHIP - We start each class promptly at 6:00PM gathered as a whole school in worship; we are about His presence and are intentional about starting each class focused on the reason for it all - Jesus.

  • TESTIMONY TIME - While the whole school is still together, we take approximately 5-10mins each week for students to share testimonies on how they have seen God move that week.

  • TEACHING - students go to their respective courses to hear the teaching for that week.

  • ACTIVATION/DISCUSSION - this part of the night is purposed to giving students practical application of what is being taught so they are developed, trained, and/or better equipped.

  • CLOSING PRAYER - we are intentional about honoring our students time and therefore are sure that promptly at 8:55PM we gather together as a whole school to circle up and close out the night so that we are all dismissed by 9:00PM

Class Size

Each course has a minimum requirement to run of 10 students.

Within each course, students will break up into smaller Connection Groups of approximately 4-5 students.


LIFE School is focused on personal transformation. And because we are a part time school, the homework is key to maintain learning, growing, and connection throughout each course’s duration. There are no grades given, but participation and timely completion of homework is expected. The goal of assignments is for you to grow in wisdom and favor, not just to gain knowledge, but also to draw you into an encounter with God and give you an opportunity to increase in favor as you practice faithfulness, integrity and honor in everything that you do. We desire all students to receive revelation, inspiration, and impartation through the assignments that are given. 

There is an assignment due at the competition of each book read consisting of either a SIMPLE book reports, workbook questions, or a very creative and fun presentation. Don't let the homework scare you from attending school! The homework is primarily FOR YOU and is not meant to purely be a burden. If you have concerns about the reading load and assignments, you are always welcome to talk with our school administrator to find out how YOU CAN complete ALL assignments successfully.


Reading on your own time is expected and is a large part of our curriculum. Each course will have approximately two to three books of required reading, plus some weekly Bible reading. That works out to 6-8 pages of reading each day of the 12-week course. Depending on your speed of reading, this averages out to be 30–60 minutes a day, minimum. Thankfully, it’s all amazing, life-transforming content.

Course completion

To complete a course, a student must accomplish each of these standards:

Students eligible for course completion will not exceed a total of 3 absences. This includes regular school attendance and Saturday outreach attendance.

Throughout the course, students are given assignments to complete. This could include weekly Bible reading, book reports, workbooks, and projects. Students eligible for course completion will have turned in all homework assignments.

Course tuition must be paid in full by the payment deadline for each semester.

Students will have displayed godly character during the duration of the course.

future Course topics*

  • Shaping Culture & Leaning Your Influence

  • Practicing The Prophetic

  • Foundations Of The Kingdom: A Study Of 12 Core Values Of Kingdom Culture

*Topics are subject to change