When can I enroll?

NOW! Enrollment for the Fall 2019 courses are OPEN! Click here to apply.

When does LIFE School meet?

Tuesday evenings from 6:00-9:00PM. Plus one Saturday a month for Outreaches (times very). View current calendar.

What is your attendance policy?

LIFE School is a school of impartation, instruction, and discipline combined with practical experience, which requires student participation for growth and progress. Minimally, the expectation is that students be present! This includes attending class as well as outreaches.

However, we do know scheduling conflicts can arise, whether planned or unplanned, which is why we allow for students to miss a total of 3 absences. If students miss any more than that they risk missing substantial content and experience.

What if there is severe weather on a school night or outreach day?

In the event of severe weather (blizzard, ice-storm, etc.) making travel unsafe, we will be notifying students of any class cancellation via: 

  • Email

  • Text message via an intern or leader

  • School Facebook page

We will make that decision by mid afternoon on Tuesday or earlier if possible and by 7AM for Saturday Outreaches or earlier if possible. Please do not call the church– check the communication forms listed above before venturing out into the weather. 

Do you offer any Tuition payment plans?

At this time we have the expectation that students be able to pay their tuition in full by the start of class or sooner. Payments can be made anytime previously to the start of school, and we suggest students start to may payments toward their tuition each month leading up to the start of school to help spread out the cost. Payments can be online by clicking the link below:

Is there childcare?

LIFE School is an adult school that does not provide childcare at this time; therefore, children are not allowed to attend. We want our students fully present when they come to class, and often when a parent has their child with them it can be distracting not just for the parent but for others in the room.