This course is a great option if you are new to LIFE School! It is crafted to help lay a foundation of truth, grace, purity, power and love in students. They tackle fundamental topics such as:

  • Our true identity

  • What it means to be a child of a good Father God

  • Activating a supernatural lifestyle

  • Introducing Kingdom values and concepts

  • The radical unconditional and unrelenting love of God

  • Creating healthy community and family

  • The power of vulnerability and honesty

  • And more!

There is so much to this abundant life that God has given us! And as these foundational truths are broken down and taught in the Level 1 courses, students learn just how easy it is to apply them in everyday life.


discovering your true identity:
knowing Who’s You are and who you really are

We cannot expect to change the world around us if we do not know our true identity.  This course is geared to take you on a journey of discovering who you really are; that you are fully accepted and loved by God, supernatural by nature, royalty born to rule, and most significantly a son or daughters of a good Father. If these statements seem at all too good to be true then we urge you to sign up for this course that will prove to you otherwise. Knowing who you are enables you to run the race with power and grace and the world is waiting for those that do not shy away from who they truly are. 

Required Reading:*

  • Supernatural Ways of Royalty by Kris Vallotton

  • Healing The Orphan Spirit by Left Hetland

  • The Bible by God

*Students are responsible for the purchase of their books prior to the start of class. Paper copies or e-books are acceptable.

Prerequisite: None.
Minimum amount of students to run this course: 10 students

Other Suggested Reading:*

  • Supernatural Power of Forgiveness by Jason Vallotton

  • The Father’s Embrace by Jack Frost

*Not required to be purchased by students. These are books related to the course that could enhance the content.