This course is purposed to strengthen, deepen, grow, and develop believers. It is aimed to expand upon the foundational truths, while also tackling some new concepts that help enlarge students capacity to live in full expression of all they are called to, have vision and passion for, and desire in their pursuit of God and seeing His Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

The key topics covered in Course 2 include:

  • Practicing Kingdom principles in everyday life

  • Expanding vision

  • Recognizing the scope of the power given to us from God

  • Developing as a leader and revivalist

  • Cultivating more of a supernatural life-style and releasing the miraculous

  • Discovering calling and destiny

Course 2

Developing kingdom culture:
learning how to shape culture and have influence

You are an influencer, whether that influence seems small or great - as children of the King of Kings we were born to rule and reign in power and authority as citizens of heaven that live on earth. This course is geared towards developing a heavenly worldview both personally and corporately by uncovering higher truths about who you are and what you are called to walk in as a believing follower of Jesus.

Required Reading:*

  • How To Raise The Dead by Tyler Johnson

  • Foundations Of Honor by Danny Silk

  • The Bible by God

*Students are responsible for the purchase of their books prior to the start of class. Paper copies or e-books are acceptable.

Minimum amount of students to run this course: 10 students

Other Suggested Reading:*

  • Hosting The Presence by Bill Johnson

*Not required to be purchased by students. These are books related to the course that could enhance the content.